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PadPen features…

  • a full-size pen

  • paper

  • writing surface

  • and pad-holder cap

      …all combined into a single, useful…PadPen!

Sales in three key markets:


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Hundreds of Uses

  • Available in any Pantone color

  • No moving parts

  • Widely available ez-refill sticky notepad

  • Ambidextrous pad-holder cap with thumb-dips on both sides

  • Multiple large surface areas for logo imprinting and branding

  • Accessory items - magnet, extra pads, PadPen softshell case, etc.



PadPen™ eliminates the search for pen, paper, and a writing surface!


PadPen™ is the only patented full-size pen in the world with flat, writable paper.

Simple and handy! Take the cap off and you are holding a pen in one hand and paper in the other. The pen is full-size. The pad-holder cap features a standard-size, sticky notepad.

Writing surface for your bag, backpack, car, desk, kitchen counter, drawer, bedside, workbench…ANYWHERE!

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PadPen - pen and paper that is ready to go as many places as you do. 

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Writing surface for your bag, backpack, car, desk, kitchen counter, drawer, bedside, workbench...ANYWHERE

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PadPen is an exciting new product and a new pen category.

PadPen is ready and coming down the road...  

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PadPen is ready for volume orders.  It is ready to add to your line in retail, online, and promotional markets.


Contact us today for more information, PadPen samples, and volume orders.

Official Licensing Agents:

Patents to Retail Partners LLC
Ms. Chavonne Avant

Additional Information:

MediaGoods LLC
Mr. Tony Scalisi

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