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Pen & Paper at the ready!

Sales in three key markets:


PadPen features

  • a full-size pen

  • paper

  • writing surface

  • and pad-holder cap

      …all combined into a single, useful…PadPen!

PadPen™ eliminates the search for pen, paper, and a writing surface!


PadPen™ is the only patented full-size pen in the world with flat, writable paper.

Simple and handy! Take the cap off and you are holding a pen in one hand and paper in the other. The pen is full-size. The pad-holder cap features a standard-size, sticky notepad.

Writing surface for your bag, backpack, car, desk, kitchen counter, drawer, bedside, workbench…ANYWHERE!

Hundreds of uses:

  • Available in any Pantone color

  • No moving parts

  • Widely available ez-refill sticky notepad

  • Ambidextrous pad-holder cap with thumb-dips on both sides

  • Multiple large surface areas for logo imprinting and branding

  • Accessory items - magnet, extra pads, PadPen softshell case, etc.

Official Licensing Agents:

Patents to Retail Partners LLC
Ms. Chavonne Avant

Additional Information:

MediaGoods LLC
Mr. Tony Scalisi

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